BAHCO 2500-19-XT-HP 19 Inch Ergo Professional Handsaws with XT Toothing

SKU: 203-2500-19-XT-HP


The BAHCO 2500-19-XT-HP 19 Inch Ergo Professional Handsaw is an ideal sawing tool for professional craftsmen. It features a XT toothing design that offers a faster, smoother cutting experience and a comfortable Ergo handle for better control and balance. This saw provides optimum performance while also helping you to work more easily and efficiently.

More Information:

  • 19 inches long
  • 9 teeth per inch
  • Type of cut is medium
  • For medium thick materials such as plywood ordinary wood fiber and chipboard or plastics
  • Handle placement provides even distribution of power along the tooth line

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