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3/8 in. nipples are lighter and have a more delicate appearance than 1/2 in. nipples, but don't let that fool you. Our nipples are durable, so you never have to worry about your furniture failing to deliver. True 3/8 in. nipples are hard to find, but we have it all! Don't accept cheap substitutes available in purely decorative materials, especially when it comes to smaller nipple sizes. The 9/8 in. nipples are perfect for building anything from clothing racks to shelving units. Authentic industrial nipples can support hundreds of pounds of weight when installed correctly: you can create wine bottle displays, towel bars, coat hooks, and more. Embark on a large-scale DIY adventure or use these nipples for quick weekend projects like cabinet hardware, footstools, small tables, or door pulls. Our nipples come coated with a protective oil to prevent rust during transit. We recommend wearing gloves to clean each piece. Coat with metal polish or clear coat to prevent rusting. Step-by-step cleaning and sealing instructions are included.

  • IPS threads for compatibility with other project materials such as lamp parts, valves, etc.
  • Always check your local plumbing and gas codes before starting any projects
  • Suitable for decor, as well as traditional plumbing applications in gas, liquid propane, and air when following local plumbing and gas codes
  • Nipples are made from welded Schedule 40 steel and the final color varies from dark grey to black
  • Rated at maximum 203 psi at 400°F
  • Not for use with potable water
  • Not for underground use

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