Corona WL 6450 ClassicCUT Bypass Lopper, 32-Inch , Red

SKU: 318-WL 6450


This Corona ClassicCUT 32 Inch Bypass Lopper features a bypass design for precision cuts. Its forged steel blades provide lasting sharpness and power, resulting in clean, precise cuts. Perfect for heavy-duty pruning and branch trimming.

More Information: 

  • Resharpenable, forged Radial Arc bypass blade, 2
  • 25 inch cut capacity
  • Fully heat-treated steel alloy
  • MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE Forging compacts steel molecules into the strongest, most durable tools, that last and hold a sharp edge longer and can easily be resharpened
  • 2-1/4-Inch cutting capacity
  • 26-1/2-Inch tapered, bolt-on hickory handles
  • Resharpenable, forged Radial Arc bypass blade
  • Fully heat-treated steel alloy

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